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How to plan effectively to get more commitment from your sales network

Listening to Account Managers there is always something they say that blocks the road to better cooperation and better results: a lack of commitment. Donald N. Sull, global expert on strategy execution, wrote in Harvard Business Review that “only 9% of managers say they can rely on colleagues in other functions and units all the time, and just half say they can rely on them most of the time.” In general, businesses do have a plan and they do think about account management strategy, so what is going wrong?


After Drucker’s research in the 50’s people obtained a better understanding of achieving alignment and the idea came to life that aligning strategies is the golden ticket to better results. Sull, however, states that this idea is a myth. After reading Sull’s article, an important nuance has to be made: aligning strategies do help to get commitment but it is not enough


So, what can we do to get the necessary commitment from our sales partners? Sull and Homkes say that alignment up and down the hierarchy of the company is not a problem but coordination is. Two main focusses need to be taken into account: quick adaptation to changing markets and investing in strategic projects. Businesses should invest more in making an efficient strategy, there should be a better coordination of the sales teams and the sales partners and there should be an overview of the shifts in the markets. In the end, it all comes down to knowing your weaknesses and adapting accordingly to ensure an effective strategy and ultimately, getting commitment.


Source: Harvard Business Review: Why Strategy Execution Unravels by Donald Sull, Rebecca Homkes, Charles Sull


Written by:

Galia Van de Wouwer