A job as no other

If you dream of a job where your private life is connected with your ambition to excel in your domain, then Qollabi is the place to be. We only choose A+ players.
Why? Because A+ level players only want to play with A+ level players. If you want to play in the Champions League, have the freedom to work from anywhere and have access to Wework workstations from around the world, let’s talk!

Open vacancies

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¿COMON! Values

As a team we work according to our own ¿COMON! values

¿ Thirst for learning?

We believe that learning is important to grow. Every day we challenge ideas and question what we’ve learned.

Customer Centric

We keep our eyes on the ball. Everything we do is for the purpose of providing our users with positive experiences.


We seek first to understand, then be understood.


We are aware and self-critical of our impact on others.

Opportunity Savy

We think positive and make it work. Impossible is not an option.

No judging

We let positive thoughts drive our work. We don’t judge colleagues, clients, partners or others.

¡Be bold!

We take risks and constantly explore how we can do things differently.