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Why You Should Replace Your Excel Sheets With A BRM Tool

Account managers can use Excel sheets to manage information related to their partners. For instance, you can easily dedicate rows to take note of the account type, turnover rate, and account manager in charge. You can also collaborate with other partners by importing the files to Google Sheets.  If you’re a small business with a […]

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best practices for partner plan execution

Best Practices for Partner Plan Execution

Is it really impossible to get our partner plans executed?  In all likelihood, experienced partner managers have seen a lot of partner plans during their careers. However, the struggle lies in the execution of these plans which are often a big challenge.  I’m sure you’re very familiar with the feeling of excitement that comes with […]

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partner_mission & vision

Partner Mission and Vision

Organizations often establish partnerships with other companies—but they don’t always end in success.  In the beginning, channel account managers and partners struggle to optimize their processes and tools.  As the popular saying goes, “Time is money”. Thus, the parties involved rush to achieve alignment as fast as possible. And a lot of them struggle to […]

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partner account plan

Why Should You Make A Partner or Account Plan?

Why Should You Make A Partner or Account Plan? Partner and account plans are often used to provide structure for sales and create a blueprint for you and your partner’s success. A lot’s been written about how to create good partner or account plans and their characteristics. We’re sure you’ve created your own account plan […]

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Why More Sales Reports Don’t Boost Sales Performance

The sales data that we need is right at our fingertips.  Salespeople have an abundance of CRMs (Customer Relationship Management), BRMs (Business Relationship Management) and PRM (Partner Relationship Management) tools that they can rely on. CEOs and executives can even get a weekly overview of the performance and progress of each team through hundreds of […]

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How Channel Account Managers Can Build The Right Partner Business Plan

Channel account managers using a territory management process often build partner business plans and have a list of partner leads that they can contact on a regular basis.  Whether they’re targeting partners from a specific industry, location, or company, they’ll manage to collect email addresses and contact numbers to cover their sales territory.  Unfortunately, not […]

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How to build a roadmap for business transformation in the sales industry

In our previous blog posts, we discussed the importance of building strategic alliances and getting an overview of your channel operations. For the next stage, we’ll teach you how to execute the ideal business transformation. To get your desired results, conduct a pragmatic gap-analysis and a one-page roadmap—then get your partners and stakeholders involved. Let’s […]

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