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Comment mieux gérer les leads avec vos partenaires?

Selon de récentes statistiques en matière de cold calling, seul 1% des appels aboutissent à un rendez-vous. Ce rendez-vous est par ailleurs l’une des nombreuses étapes avant une potentielle vente. Dans un monde de plus en plus compétitif, la gestion des leads devient donc un enjeu crucial pour se distinguer. Avec nos deux intervenants Frie […]

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Mystery Shopping and Partner Journey: Why and What Is It?

Secret shoppers or mystery shoppers are employed by companies or retailers to shop their own products or services. In the context of B2B and partner management, a mystery shopper lets companies get an accurate evaluation of their customer service and understand how their end-customers experience the partner journey. Now, how can mystery shopping be useful […]

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Top 5 of best tools to use for indirect sales in 2022

Top 5 of the best tools to use for indirect sales in 2022 This blog will help you navigate through a strong growth category of channel sales technology in 2022. As the CEO of one of the top BRM tools out there (Qollabi BRM), I believe it’s my duty to help companies navigate through the […]

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Why Salespeople Can’t Win By Doing Too Much “Firefighting”

Salespeople Are Doing Too Much “Firefighting” Territory management is when salespeople target customers based on defined attributes like size, geography or industry.The main goal is to segment and maximize productivity by reaching out and making calls.  For example, salesperson A could qualify accounts in industry A, while salesperson B could do the same for industry […]

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How To Collaborate Digitally With Your Partners

Beginning a partnership seems easy, but creating a strong business relationship is another story.  Building a successful partnership takes time and effort. During a recession or economic slowdown, it’s challenging to cooperate and brainstorm solutions. More importantly, the rise of remote communication technologies makes it harder for businesses to establish genuine accountability and commitment.  Having […]

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The Business Relationship Productivity Imperative with Mark Smith

Multiple businesses were crippled by the pandemic in 2020. Millions were left unemployed due to the recession. Businesses are also operating with limited financial resources.  Amid all the chaos, the one thing that we can’t replace is time.  Businesses have to ensure that they’re strategically partnering with businesses and getting the most out of these relationships.  […]

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4 types of Sales Objectives for a better business plan

Salespeople aren’t focused on the company’s key objectives. Salespeople’s objectives are not often linked to the company’s objectives.  A company’s objectives may be to achieve X profit by the end of the year. However, resellers, brokers and sales agents have distinct procedures and goals to deliver results in the most efficient way — and for […]

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Why CRM Tools Have Failed Sales Teams?

Technology has given rise to new tools and innovations that make the sales process easier. Today’s sales teams have a wealth of data available at their fingertips.  This lets sales leaders control the sales process and understand how they can improve the performance of their indirect sales.  If we’re going to compare controlling a salesforce to […]

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Can You Do Better As A Channel Account Manager?

Can You Do Better As A Channel Account Manager? Effective channel account managers develop long-lasting relationships with their partners.    They must have the ability to engage in meetings and form communities that enable partners to increase sales.  When their partners experience problems, they should establish solutions and be responsive — but the job isn’t merely […]

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How to write powerful emails? The Pyramid Principle way

One of the most frequently used digital tools is emailing, right? Before I launched Qollabi, I had a consultancy firm where I learned about efficient communication, methodology and different ways to structure an email.  One of the methodologies and powerful ideas I’ve constantly used was the use of Barbara Minto’s Pyramid Principle which was developed by […]

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