What is BRM?

Acquire a BRM (Business Relationship Management) to create accountability and commitment. BRM data makes the invisible visible and connects to CRM data. BRM (Business Relationship Management) is an entirely new category. Although not necessary, most companies that acquire a BRM tool, have some kind of CRM in place or have centralized data by means of […]

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Choose your CRM wisely Choose your Customer Relationship Management software wisely to centralize data with one single version of the truth. CRMs are not the holy grail. CRM is a vast category. Since the arrival of Salesforce almost 20 years ago, this category has been growing in a spectacular way.Contrary to what a lot of sales […]

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PRM (Partner Relationship Management)

Choose a modern PRM (Partner Relationship Management) if you seek to enable your partners with marketing collateral and streamline onboarding and admin. PRM has its origins in the IT Industry If you’re working in the IT industry you’ve probably heard of a Partner Relationship Management tool or PRM. For decades this industry has been selling […]

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BI business intelligence

BI (Business Intelligence)

Acquire a BI (Business Intelligence Tool) to turn your data into visually attractive dashboards. Today, the most innovative companies make smart use of their data to optimize their business processes. In order to do so, Business Intelligence Tools have become a useful instrument in any domain of business: marketing, finance, HR, product development, and… you […]

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sso sigle sign on

SSO (Single Sign-On)

SSO is the same as a password manager, allowing you to use all tools easily and securely. With an ever-increasing amount of software solutions as part of your channel operations technology stack, it is not only key to integrate all your tools but also allow users to swiftly switch between tools. That’s where SSO comes […]

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