The Importance of Indirect Sales Across Different Industries in Europe

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 Importance of Indirect Sales Across Different Industries in Europe

A study by students from the Rotterdam School of Management

The assessment of indirect sales management efficiency involves four building blocks:

1. Analysis
Claims that companies must be able to differentiate potentially profitable partners, from those that won’t live up to their full potential.

2. Business planning
Asserts that different partners have different needs, so there should be different marketing and sales activities for each partner.

For example, some partners may use an omnichannel approach, manage leads, plan activities and allocate budget, and others may get better results with a different mix of sales activities.

3. Support and execution
Ensure that partners have the right resources and information through planning and carrying out training and meetings.

4. Monitoring
Involves observing, analyzing, and evaluating the partner’s performance. It compares multiple partners to determine which partners are performing well, and which ones are not.



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