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Are you in Software or Hardware and managing Channel Partners?

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Global Software Vendor making different types of partner plans.

This global leading IT vendor collaborates with different types of partners and resellers (VARs, Distributors, Consultancies) 



Partner Business Plans are made in Powerpoint, Excel, and Word.

Channel account managers struggle to find a balance between being operationally available for their partners and working on the partner plan.


Qollabi provides one single source of truth for all partner plans.

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Partner plans are centralized.

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Results are connected to CRM and other data sources for real-time insight in results.

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Building a new partner plan in a few clicks allowing channel teams to make more partner plans.

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Sharing and collaborating on partner plans with partners.

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Qollabi allows this IT vendor to work with OKR (Objectives and Key Results) with their partners.

Welcome to a New World of
Partner Collaboration

What can Qollabi do for your business?

What our users say

“Focus on the right energy, on the right time, on the right account/customer”

Wim Noordijk
Baloise Insurance

“BRM is important as it helps channel account managers to stay focused on well-defined and discussed priorities”

Rudi Lenearts

“It’s the missing link between facilitating the management of activities (the HOW) and the objectives one wants to achieve (the WHAT)”

Hans Tops

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