• Why CRM Tools Have Failed Sales Teams?

    Technology has given rise to new tools and innovations that make the sales process easier. Today’s sales managers and indirect sales agents have a wealth of data available at their fingertips.  This lets sales leaders control the sales process and understand how they can improve the performance of their indirect sales.  If we’re going to

    May 6 2020
  • Can You Do Better As A Channel Account Manager?

    Can You Do Better As A Channel Account Manager? Effective channel account managers develop long-lasting relationships with their partners.    They must have the ability to engage in meetings and form communities that enable partners to increase sales.  When their partners experience problems, they should establish solutions and be responsive — but the job isn’t merely

    February 11 2020
  • How to write powerful emails?

    One of the most frequently used digital tools is email, right? Before I launched Qollabi, I had a consultancy firm where I learned about efficient communication, methodology and different ways to structure an email.  One of the methodologies and powerful ideas I’ve constantly used was the use of Barbara Minto’s Pyramid Principle which was developed by

    January 31 2020
  • How to rationalize your channel incentive program investment

    Many companies find that determining their incentive program investment can be a daunting task. Where do you begin? How will you rationalize the money you spent? In this blog, we’d like to share six steps that can help companies optimize their incentive spend, based on what we’ve learned from Accenture.    Step 1: Be Clear

    November 27 2019
  • What if You Don’t Have a BRM Tool?

    BRM – known as Business Relationship Management – is a business software that allows you to segment your brokers, resellers, intermediaries, and sales partners based on criteria like turnover and account type.  Using BRM software not only lets you conduct sales management effectively. It can also be used by your relationship and channel partner managers

    October 25 2019
  • Objective Setting Done Right !

    Objective Setting  Done RIGHT. 5 Concrete Ways To Make It Work Why should someone download this ebook? Objectives are all over the place, definitely when a new year starts. Now, think twice before agreeing on your objectives or targets. By reading the e-paper “Objective Setting Done Right” you will learn: How objective setting is teamwork

    October 1 2019
  • High-Tech Companies Are Overspending on Sales Channel Incentive Programs

    According to an article I’ve read by Accenture, high-tech companies are overspending more than 10% when it comes to sales channel incentive programs. Accenture also explained that about 80 percent of the turnover for high-tech companies are from indirect sales channels. In addition, 3 to 5 percent of the revenue is attributed to sales channel incentive

    September 11 2019
  • How to Create Commitment With Your Business Partners or Intermediaries

    How will you foster commitment in your sales relationship? Will you just randomly connect with various partners or intermediaries, and hope that you’ll eventually get a commitment? If hope is how you plan to build relationships, then you’re in for a tough ride. Hope is not a strategy. When you connect with your business partners

    August 13 2019
  • What Business Partners in Financial Services Expect from Headquarters

    Whenever you work with your business partner it’s often crucial to set expectations. You want to be clear about the tasks that they’ll accomplish as a part of the collaboration, but at the same time you also want to understand what they expect from your business. Understanding partner expectations is important for those that want

    June 4 2019
  • How to Stay On Top Of Mind With Your Partner?

    A lot of channel account managers find it difficult to stay on top of mind with their partners. After all, it’s not easy to build relationships and keep in touch with your clients. We know that we should follow-up but many tasks throughout the day prevent us from doing so. The good news is staying

    May 17 2019
  • How To Be More Efficient With Your Time As An Account Manager

    Time is money, especially for an account manager. You can be stuck in traffic whilst filling out your CRM and fulfilling administrative tasks. You might be receiving calls from your partners in the middle of lunch or dinner. While you might not be paid for entertaining your sales partners, it’s all part of the job.

    April 24 2019
  • How to Create Great Account Plans?

    Account plans help you build a blueprint to make sure that no project, partner or customer is left ignored. It ensures that you have a set of action steps to accomplish your objectives. For example, what does your sales team need to persuade your partners and customers? How will you increase sales? Which are the

    March 14 2019
  • How to Find a Great Channel Account Manager?

    Channel account managers (CAMs) are the company’s front-line ambassadors. They juggle several indirect sales partners and work closely with in-house marketing teams to create training programs, marketing materials and incentive programs that drive revenue and growth for your company. It’s a vital position however hiring an efficient and committed account manager is another story altogether.

    February 25 2019
  • Why Should You Make An Account Plan?

    Why Should You Make An Account Plan? Account plans are often used to provide structure for sales and create a blueprint for you and your customer’s success. A lot’s been written about how to create good account plans and its characteristics. We’re sure you’ve created your own account plan before the end of last year,

    January 29 2019
  • The Road To Results

    How to achieve great business results? In one of our videos, I’ve explained the common dysfunctions of a business relationship. There’s trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, accountability and attention to results. Today, I want to discuss how you can put this into practice in your organization. Let’s start with a few observations. We

    January 3 2019