SSO (Single Sign-On)

sso sigle sign on

SSO is the same as a password manager, allowing you to use all tools easily and securely.

With an ever-increasing amount of software solutions as part of your channel operations technology stack, it is not only key to integrate all your tools but also allow users to swiftly switch between tools. That’s where SSO comes in. 

Here is a great definition of SSO from

An SSO platform shares some of the same capabilities as a password manager, but there are distinct differences. SSO provides a single log-in solution so that you don’t have to remember passwords — similar to a password manager — and will automatically log you into any system, as long as your credentials have been saved into its history. But in addition, SSO provides users tighter security by granting nuanced control over their applications and allowing IT departments monitoring capabilities – to ensure compliance with company policy so users don’t have to worry about leaving the company vulnerable to attacks.

This is how Qollabi positions itself in its ecosystem of tools like CRM, PRM, BI, SSO etc.