Make your partner & account plans work

Tired of wasting time on static account & partner plans in spreadsheets and templates? Your partners and key accounts will love our real-time updates & collaboration features. Create commitment and accountability with OKRs, joint business plans and seamless CRM integration.

Qollabi BRM (Business Relationship Management) is trusted by leading companies such as:

You’re losing out on partner commitment

Your partners and key accounts expect more from you

Make your plans measurable

What gets measured gets done

Get engagement & commitment

Improved follow-up & engagement


The end result displayed in your CRM and dashboards


The road to getting effective results is often hampered by decentralized plans in spreadsheets, templates, and flipcharts

BRM is the missing link which connects the management of activities (the HOW) and the objectives one wants to achieve (the WHAT)

– Hans Tops @ Bpost –

Make your channels sales operations more futureproof

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