Automate Collaboration. Predict Partner Success. Grow indirect sales.

Stop wasting time and missing out on channel partner potential. Qollabi helps you automate joint action plans and gain control over your partner ecosystem.
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IT & Telco Enterprises

Strengthen your solution partner ecosystem and strategic alliances
  • ✔ Automate and standardize your collaboration with MSPs, System Integrators and other partners
  • ✔ Gain channel partner visibility and accountability
  • ✔ Connect the dots with other sales platforms (CRM, PRM, LMS etc) to predict partner success

Financial Services

Strengthen your ecosystem of Brokers, Agents, Branches
  • ✔ Automate and standardize your collaboration with distribution partners
  • ✔ Set clear, accountable goals with your business partners
  • ✔ Gain predictability on broker and agent success


Fuel your next level of growth through channel partners
  • ✔ Create customized joint action plans
  • ✔ Collaborate in shared spaces with your partners and team members
  • ✔ Get instant visibility in your channel partner success

🚀 Automate and scale your channel partner onboarding with winning playbooks!


Leading companies use Qollabi BRM (Business Relationship Management) to power indirect sales:

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Make your partnerships predictable using BRM


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