Partner up with Qollabi

We are continuously looking for partners who can support our customers and provide strategic advice on business planning, segmentation, coaching & implementation. We also offer attractive reseller partnerships.

Our partners

Why partner up with Qollabi?

Qollabi is on a mission to change the world of partner collaboration. This mission begins with building relationships with the best partners.

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New opportunities

Extend your services through Qollabi BRM. Enjoy access to business planning, segmentation, change management, project management, OKR features among others.

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Scale internationally

A lot of Qollabi's customers are global enterprises so we need local support. If you’re looking to expand your services, a partnership with Qollabi can help you become global.

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Integrate easily

Qollabi’s API-first platform provides multiple opportunities to connect to several data sources. If you are a software vendor, we’re happy to discuss how we can make each other stronger.

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Reseller opportunities

Qollabi provides different partnerships which range from a service provider partnership to a full reseller or distributor model.

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